About Sea to Sky Community Hospice


• 70% of deaths occur in hospital even though when asked, most people (80%) say they want to die at home
• Cost of being treated in an acute care hospital = $1000 – $1200 per day
• Cost of hospice care = $450 per day
• There are currently no designated hospice beds in the Sea to Sky Corridor
• Sea to Sky projected population 2020 = approaching 40,000
• Need calculation ratio = 10 hospice bed spaces per 100,000 population


The four-room Sea to Sky Community Hospice will be located between Hilltop House and Squamish General Hospital and will welcome Sea to Sky Corridor residents from all backgrounds, faiths, and income levels.

The facility will be part of a continuum of care, offering a living / dining / kitchen area for families, a quiet room / sacred space, and access to garden areas.

The project is a partnership between the Squamish Hospice Society and Vancouver Coastal Health, and recognises it is on the traditional homelands of the Squamish and Southern Stl’atl’imx First Nations.


The Sea to Sky Community Hospice is very different from a hospital or long term care facility: it is designed to be a big home, not a small institution. For a short time at the end of life, this hospice will function as an extension of a dying person’s own home offering family centered, multidisciplinary care emphasizing individual choice, identity and dignity. Residents will be encouraged to bring belongings to personalize their rooms and to increase comfort levels for their last few weeks of life.

Hospice is both a philosophy of care and a place. The guiding principle of hospice care is to provide services and supports to meet the wants and needs of both those dying and their loved ones. It is a place between a hospital and a home that provides medical care managed by end-of-life specialists. It is also a place that recognizes and deals with emotions that are sure to surface during this difficult time, taking into account the spiritual needs of an individual.